Links to Web sites I have designed.

web is Toronto's Private Party Network focused primarily on the promotion of Toronto's mid to high-end charity events getinvited was created to connect the events with the people who want to know about them. This website consits of a public face, a private members area and an administrative section to handle database management and membership mailing lists.
Nray Services Inc. is the world leader in Neutron Radiography for the purposes of non-destructive testing. The Nray staff is located in various parts of Ontario and their clients are found all over the globe. Nray was interested a Web site style "makeover" that would present a clean professional appearance and allow for improved functionality and a secured internal communications site for staff use. This site also includes an on-line ordering system for their custom line of neutron radiographic prints.

Nray has been so happy with their site that Stephen W. Clarke Media Design has been asked to create for them a web based process tracking system. This system will enable clients to view (in real time) the status of their parts as they pass through each stage of processing. Completion date for this project is scheduled for late 2005. (coming soon)
Holistic Healing Arts in Brantford is currently re-vamping their online presence and has hired me to aid them with this project. Launching sometime in the Spring of 2005 will be a major source of information on Holistic Health in general and on the many services offered by Holistic Healing Arts to the community.
Brant Masonic District was looking to improve their communications with both members and the general public. This site utilizes streaming audio and video as well as online tools created using PHP and MySQL to collect and distribute information. The site also incorporates the use of an email list serve for members.
w3access is a company specializing in accessible Web site design and training. This site was designed to meet the W3C AAA accessibility rating and to demonstrate that a fully accessible Web site can still have a strong graphical impact.
Onigo is a importer of fine european pillows, bags and tapestry. This Web site was designed to act as an on-line catalogue.
I first created this site for a Masonic Lodge in Brantford to help celebrate their sesquacentenial year (2002). Recently the design has been updated with a more corporate look.

First Toronto Tower
This Web site was created using Flash MX. It was designed to act as an on-line brochure and information resource for a condo developer in downtown Toronto.
The Canadian National Institute for the Blind commissioned this site to be used in their partnership with It is designed with an emphasis on Web accessibility for the blind and vision impaired.
I built the Blind Sailing Association of Canada site to maximize the Web site experience for the clubs members, the vast majority of whom are blind or vision impaired. While the overall design of this site is mine, it is maintained and updated by the club members.